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Automated Cell Counter

Automated Cell Counter

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Cell counters are tools for counting live and/or dead cells in a culture. Any researcher who works in a cell culture hood needs some sort of cell counting solution, whether to determine cell concentration prior to cell passage, or to assess cell viability following drug treatment. The C100 from RWD is a perfect cell-counting option for any lab and is appropriate for a variety of samples, including mammalian cells, stem cells, blood cells, epithelial cells, endothelial cells, and more.

The RWD automated cell counter uses microscopy with auto-focus technology that analyzes and counts cells in less than 20 seconds. Without requiring user input, the sophisticated cell counting algorithm uses the image acquired to detect cells and omit debris, to provide an accurate total cell count. The auto-focusing feature means all users of this system can expect reproducible cell counts with reduced variability compared to manual hemocytometer counts and cell counters with manual focus.

Simple touch-screens functionality

Easily set up experiments on a 7-inch Capacitive touch screen. The intelligent touch screen interface is designed to provide complete data visibility to monitor all.

Compatible with a broad range of cell sizes and types

Counts cell lines, primary cells (from tissue or blood), and stem cells. Cell sizes can range from 4-60 um.

Easily upgradeable fluorescence detection

The RWD Cell Counter offers one brightfield and optional, user-interchangeable fluorescent channels. The fluorescent colors detected are determined by the insertion of individual light cubes. We offer the 3 different cubes covering a wide range of the most commonly used fluorophores. This includes Trypan blue, AO, PI, GFP and DAPI.

Cell viability

Evaluate cells accurately using multifocal plane analysis. Using auto-focus instead of subjective manual focusing is important when evaluating cell viability as an incorrectly selected focal plane will lead to wildly inaccurate results.

Easy to record and analyze at any time

The RWD Cell Counter leads the industry in allowing users to store up to 1000 counts and reports. These can be reviewed whenever the user needs.



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