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LabScribe v3.0 Recording Software

LabScribe v3.0 Recording Software

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LabScribe3™ software is a powerful recording and analysis software package that is ideal for in vitro studies of blood vessel function, as well as many other general data acquisition projects. The software works on either Windows or Macintosh computers.


LabScribe3™ software is easy to install and operate, and features an intuitive user-friendly interface.
Up to 128 channels of data can be displayed simultaneously.
Can be triggered by an external source (e.g. TTL or Contact Closure), a Threshold Trigger from Data, or a User Trigger
Time scale of the data being displayed on-screen is independent of the sample rate, such that data can be expanded or compressed visually even during data acquisition.
Units of acquired data can be calibrated and user-defined for each channel.
Each acquired signal can be scaled automatically (Auto Scale), displayed as a Full Scale signal, or scaling can be user-defined.
Users can perform real-time calculations and produce computed channels of data.
Data files can be annotated using free-form text notes and event marks.
Includes a powerful array of built-in data analysis tools.
Can export data as a text file for further analysis/graphing, or also as a grapic (.jpg, .png).
Supports several specialized analysis modules relevant to the study of isolated blood vessels, such as the Dose-Response Module and Normalization Module.
Includes a scripting function for custom programming using Dadisp, Python, MatLab, LabView, and C++.

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