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A highly sensitive, benchtop, in vivo imaging system for real-time SPECT isotope screening.

The γ-eye is the first and only SPECT scanner for real-time, in vivo screening of all single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) isotopes. With its exchangeable collimators, small footprint, and field of view suitable for whole body mouse imaging, the γ-eye is a complete solution for all laboratories at any research stage.

The system is just 44cm x 46cm x 40cm in size, weighing less than 40kg. This makes it truly a desktop solution which can turn any space into an imaging lab. Despite its small footprint, the γ-eye’s has a sensitivity of 341 cps/MBq, spatial resolution up to 1.9mm and an energy resolution below 19%.

The animal handling system ensures the health and wellbeing of the imaging subject, while the Visual eyes software suite provides a fully integrated, easy-to-use, platform for both image acquisition and data analysis.


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