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Φ Eye Optical

Φ Eye Optical

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A highly sensitivity, benchtop, in vivo imaging system for preclinical optical studies.

The φ-eye is a highly sensitive in vivo optical imaging system, designed for bioluminescence (BLI), fluorescence (FLI) and Cherenkov luminescence imaging (CLI). This system is used for a wide range of applications, including oncology and pharmacokinetic studies. With it’s highly sensitive detector, small footprint, and field of view suitable for imaging up to 3 mice, the φ-eye is a complete solution for all laboratories at any research stage. 

The system is just 60cm x 60cm x 60cm in size, weighing less than 60kg. This makes it truly a desktop solution which can turn any space into an imaging lab. Despite its small footprint, the φ-eye has a customizable and expandable set of filters allowing users to image most well-known probes, as well as newly developed probes. 

The animal handling system ensures the health and well-being of the imaging subject, while the Visual eyes software suite provides a fully integrated, easy to use, platform for both image acquisition and data analysis. 


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