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Accessory Kit for Wire Myograph

Accessory Kit for Wire Myograph

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This kit is included when you purchase a Wire Myograph Chamber. Re-order the kit as a convenient way to have an assortment of commonly used accessories.

Kit includes:

ACC-BALL-DRIVER-.050 0.050" Ball Driver Tool (qty 1)
ACC-BALL-DRIVER-1/16 1/16" Ball Driver Tool (qty 1)
ACC-DRIVER-.035 0.035" Hex Driver Tool (qty 1)
ACC-SCREWDRIVER-#1 #1 Phillips Screwdriver (qty 1)
ACC-DRIVER-T5 T5 Torx Driver Tool (qty 1)
COVER-SLIP-#1 (qty 10)
Force Transducer Calibration Weights and Calibration Stand (1 each: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 grams)
Glass Inflow and Outflow Tubes for Myograph chamber (qty 2 total)
3/32" Tygon tubing (1 ft.)
3-way stopcocks (qty 2)
Wire for mounting microvessels (1 ft. each: 15 um, 20 um, 25 um, 30 um)

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