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Axially Rotating Single Vessel Chamber

Axially Rotating Single Vessel Chamber

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This axially rotating single vessel chamber rotates the vessel to image adjacent cell structures using confocal or Nomarski optics. This is useful for injections of caged agents and observation after inversion. The angled cannula holders bring the vessel close to the coverslip for simultaneous diameter and fluorescence measurements, and pressure and perfusion is maintained during the rotation.

Optional standard cannula holders (RCH) can be used in this chamber. It is ideally suited for larger diameter vessels with longer lengths because it has a longer bath.


Rotation angle continuously adjustable
Cannulas rotate together to prevent vessel twist (tool supplied)
Optional thermistor probe for bath temperature measurement (meter also required)
Vessel may be perfused and/or superfused
Chamber can be used for many experimental applications
Transmural electric field stimulation electrodes (optional)

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