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Bio-Mouse Phantom

Bio-Mouse Phantom

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Phantech has developed the Bio-Mouse™; the first fillable biomimetic mouse phantom with Computed Tomography (CT) Hounsfield Unit (HU) density-equivalent bone and soft tissue. This phantom is highly versatile as it can be customized to include/exclude the following organ/tissue voids: tumor(s), brain, heart, lung, liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys, bladder, and a background region. We offer standard mouse sizes of 25g and 30g, but custom sizes can be accommodated upon request. Customers can fill the voids with molecular imaging and contrast agents for PET, SPECT, CT, X-ray, optical, MRI and MPI modalities. This phantom is commonly used for theranostics, biodistribution modeling, reconstruction optimization and testing, system performance (especially for 3-4 mouse bed configurations), training, and multi-modality applications.​

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