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Data Recorder with LabScribe3 Software, 04-Channel

Data Recorder with LabScribe3 Software, 04-Channel

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This package includes the 4-channel analog-to-digital converter and LabScribe3™ software. It is ideal for basic experiments recording up to four signals, such as arterial diameter, intravascular pressure, and bath temperature.


Convenient USB operation means that no hardware cards need to be installed in the computer.
A-D conversion at 16-bit resolution and up to 10 kHz
Convenient BNC connectors
Requires no external power supply (powered by USB)
Low noise (<1 mV), reducing the need for gain and offset adjustments, or other post-hoc signal processing (filtering)
Includes the powerful LabScribe3™ data acquisition/analysis software
Works with both Macintosh or Windows PCs
Digital output lines on a DB-9 connector for controlling/synchronizing other equipment (stimulators, electrophysiology recording, fluorescence systems)

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