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Fusion Solo S6 Western Blot

Fusion Solo S6 Western Blot

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Chemiluminescence & Fluorescence Western Blot Analyzer
The ideal system for laboratories that need to find an alternative to their film for Western blot imaging.

Can be upgraded anytime to cover multiple imaging applications (i.e. standard gel documentation)

The VILBER Fusion line of systems are ideal for quantification grade imaging. Chemiluminescent Western blot data poses distinct challenges in producing quantifiable and reproducible data. Most of these issues are a result of low-dynamic range of detection and difficulty in accurately determining the limit of detection. Fusion systems eliminate all these issues thanks to a High Sensitivity Reading (HSR) camera technology that delivers reliable dynamic range, linearity, and unsurpassed sensitivity for the lowest limit of detection. The advanced camera technology reduces noise allowing faint signals to stand out from the surrounding background.

The Fusion systems can deliver consistent and reproducible data, independently of a chemiluminescence time course. The chemiluminescence intensity/time profile consists of an initial rise period up to a prolonged emission at a pseudo-plateau level and a decline. VILBER Fusion Automatic imaging mode compensates the time course of the chemiluminescence reaction by adjusting the exposure time while maintaining the larger possible image dynamic.


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