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Gel Documentation - EBOX CX5

Gel Documentation - EBOX CX5

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VILBER Gel Documentation systems are the ideal imaging systems for gel documentation in any lab or core facility. The Super-Bright UV illumination and filter technology enhances the image quality, especially for DNA and RNA gels. The compact darkroom is made entirely of stainless steel and aluminum.

Fluorescence is the main method used for gene expression and protein detection. The fluorophore absorbs the excitation light, reaching a higher energy state. By returning to it’s former state, it emits fluorescent light. The aim of the imaging system is to separate the emitted light from the excitation light in order to obtain an optimum sample image.

VILBER offers a wide array of technologies to fit any application needed while offering unsurpassed sensitivity, speed, and the ability to reach the lowest limits of detection for DNA, RNA and protein applications. From basic systems that “get the job done” to the highest specification gel documentation stations on the market, the VILBER line has every researcher and technically challenging application covered.


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