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Glass Cannula Scoring Tool

Glass Cannula Scoring Tool

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This glass cannula scoring tool is a useful accessory to have on hand for cutting your cannulae to the appropriate length. The tool is shaped like a pencil, for easy ergonomic use. The tool has a diamond tip point that can be replaced when it is worn out. You use the tool by gently applying pressure to a piece of glass tubing at the point where you wish to cut off excess material. Etch the tubing at this point by circumscribing a line around the diameter of the cannula. Simply snap off the excess tubing. The scoring mark created by the tool will result in a clean sharp break point. For best performance, we suggest passing the cut cannula end into a flame briefly to fire polish the edge. This will result in a smooth surface on the end of your cannula and will minimize the introduction of plastic tubing fragments or glass shards that can clog the inside of an unpolished cannula.

Note: It might take us from 7 to 10 days to deliver this item.

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