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Legion AMP - 128-Channel Preamplifier

Legion AMP - 128-Channel Preamplifier

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The LEGION AMP is a high channel count, compact footprint preamplifier for integration with third-party analog-to-digital converters; Boosting detection of small signals by +40 dB while minimizing background noise (high transmit voltages not supported).


  • Amplify input signals for third-party ADC units
  • Protective housing with stand-offs
  • Cannon DLM260 input/output connectors
  • Narrow housing design for fitting two side-by-side
  • Compact 2 x 25 mm preamps per channel
  • Heavy-duty latch for locking preamp connection


  • 128-channels
  • 40 dB amplification
  • 2.2 MΩ input impedance
  • 50 Ω output impedance
  • 40 kHz to 45 MHz analog bandwidth
  • Cannon DLM260 input/output connectors


  • Photoacoustics (optoacoustics)
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