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Linear Alignment Large Vessel Chamber

Linear Alignment Large Vessel Chamber

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Suitable for cannulation & perfusion of large hollow organs, such as blood vessels (e.g. aorta, carotid), intestine, airway, mid-gut, or colon. The unique size of this chamber also makes it suitable for other applications, such as insect mid-gut cannulation.Key FeaturesCan be used with 12, 14, 19, 22, and 25 gauge stainless steel canulaeRigid stainless steel cannulae are virtually unbreakableTubing barb for thread ties to easily secure the attachment of your vesselOptical viewing window for imaging studies, ideal for backlighting and viewing with a stereoscopeBoth cannulae feature three axis (X-Y-Z) positioning for easy alignment and length adjustmentsMake adjustments in seconds using simple thumb screws, no special tools requiredDesigned for superfusion applicationsNew thermistor for monitoring bath temperature using optional temperature controller (TC-09S, sold separately)Waterproof connection port for the thermistor (IP67 rated)NOTES:1) Bath cannot be heated directly, heating of superfusate line requires an external heat exchanger (BATH-HEAT-CIRC) (GHE), and temperature controller (TC-09S).2) Chamber shown with 20 gauge cannulae, sold separately

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