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M-Series Compact MRI M12

M-Series Compact MRI M12

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High Performance Preclinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Non-Human Primates

The M-Series™ systems are cryogen/cooling-free, self-shielded, high-performance MRI systems based on permanent magnet technology. The M-Series systems allow preclinical researchers, with or without in-depth knowledge of MR physics, to utilize the gold standard method in soft tissue imaging without the cost, complexity, and technical burden of superconducting MRI systems. Varying-sized models allow for imaging of mice, rats, similarly sized species/samples, as well as brains of non-human primates. Based on the permanent magnet technology, there are no special infrastructure requirements, operating and maintenance costs are minimal, and they can be easily integrated into existing lab space. These 1 Tesla systems are optimized for anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging applications in cancer, cardiac, neuroscience, and multimodal imaging. The optional SimPET insert can be integrated with the M-Series for simultaneous PET/MRI acquisition.

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