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MycoFog™ - Biodecontamination Reagent (MFR-2)

MycoFog™ - Biodecontamination Reagent (MFR-2)

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MycoFog™ Biodecontamination Reagent (MFR-2) is a measured dose of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide in a light- and air-sealed easy-open container for incubator and workstation biodecontamination. This is poured into the reagent reservoir of the MycoFog™ Biodecontamination Fogger for use. By regularly using MycoFog™, you can help to prevent the spread of Mycoplasma and other contaminants in your lab and protect your cell cultures. MFR-2 is for incubators and workstations over 200L but less than 500L.

Items Included:

  • 4 MycoFog™ Reagent Pods


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