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MycoFog™ - Biodecontamination Starter Kit (MF-SK)

MycoFog™ - Biodecontamination Starter Kit (MF-SK)

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The MycoFog™ Biodecontamination Starter Kit contains 1 Fogger and 2 Reagent pods.

MycoFog™ Biodecontamination Fogger is a battery-powered piezo-driven nebulizing instrument that creates the hydrogen peroxide fog that biodecontaminates your incubator.

MycoFog™ is a valuable tool for laboratories that need to maintain a clean and contaminant-free environment.  The instrument is particularly useful for laboratories that work with tissue- and cell-culture controlled environment equipment including incubators, glove boxes, and anaerobic or hypoxic chambers.

MycoFog™ Biodecontamination Reagent is a measured dose of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide in a light- and air- sealed easy-open container.  This is poured into the reagent reservoir of the MycoFog Biodecontamination Fogger for use.  By regularly using MycoFog, you can help to prevent the spread of Mycoplasma contamination and protect your cell cultures.

Items Included:

  • MycoFog™ Biodecontamination Fogger
  • 2 MycoFog™ Reagent Pods
  • Manual
  • Additional Wick



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