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MYO-01-SH Single Channel Self-Heated Wire Myograph Package

MYO-01-SH Single Channel Self-Heated Wire Myograph Package

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In some cases, such as when using expensive peptides or other drugs, bath superfusion is not an option. These applications call for minimizing the volume of bath fluid to keep the amount of reagents used to a minimum. In these cases, heating the bath to physiological temperatures can be problematic. However, with our wire myograph chamber (MYO-CH) and temperature controller (TC-09S), you can heat the wire myograph chamber directly to physiological temperatures. This package contains everything needed to conduct these self-heating studies in our wire myograph chamber.

Package Components:

Wire Myograph Chamber with Modular Tissue Supports (MYO-CH)
Force Transducer Signal Conditioner (MYO-SC-1)
Temperature controller (TC-09S)
Thermistor temperature sensor (THRS)
Heater, power, and signal output cables

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