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MYO-CH Wire Myograph Chamber

MYO-CH Wire Myograph Chamber

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The classic Halpern/Mulvany style wire myograph is back as a standard product available from Living Systems Instrumentation. Our MYO-CH wire myograph chamber is faithful to the basic design first introduced by Living Systems Instrumentation founder, the late Professor William Halpern, and Professor Michael Mulvany in their classic 1976 Nature paper titled “Mechanical properties of vascular smooth muscle cells in situ” (Nature 260(5552): 617-619, 1976). At the same time, state-of-the-art materials, machining, and force technology have been introduced. Our wire myographs include three types of tissue supports: wire-mounts for microvessels, L-bars for large ring preparations, and a hook for working with strips. Thus, our myograph is suitable for a range of applications including force measurements in microvessel rings, large vessels such as carotid artery and aorta, airway, intestine, bladder, and many more.
Linear Actuator Travel Range  =  ~4mm

Modular tissue supports that allow use of wire-mount microvessel ring preparations, Large and Small L-bars for working with large and small ring preps, and a hook attachment for working with strip preparations.
Convenient linear position controls in all three axes for the fixed tissue support. Force transducer support features smooth up-down position control, which simplifies alignments and initial slack adjustments.
Small bath volume (~5 ml) and optional self-heating capability for efficient use of expensive peptides and reagents.
Convenient integrated flow path helps achieve optimal flow pattern when bath superfusion is used.
Glass coverslip chamber bottom facilitates tissue attachments, as the chamber can be illuminated from underneath. Also allows for simultaneous imaging-force studies.
Precision force transducer capable of measuring forces from a few milligrams to 20 grams.
Convenient analog signal output for easy data acquisition. (MYO-SC-1)
Optional field stimulation electrodes available.

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