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Newton 7.0 Optical Imaging BIO

Newton 7.0 Optical Imaging BIO

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Bioluminescence & Fluorescence for Plant Imaging System

The NEWTON 7.0 BIO is a smart world-wide used optical imaging system dedicated to bioluminescence and fluorescence detection for plants and other in vivo / in vitro biological samples. Thanks to its unrivalled precision optics (ultra-low noise CCD camera and f/0.70 lens aperture) and its wide spectral range detection (400 – 900nm), the system allows you to cover all your applications. From visualizing infections in plants (like Arabidopsis thaliana) leaves and seedlings, to comparing plant virology, plant growth or plant stress tolerance, researchers will be able to benefit from an innovative and user-friendly interface to observe the lowest signal intensities in a live 3D sample reconstruction. In the end, the NEWTON 7.0 BIO is an instrument that is specifically made for absolute quantification and offers you the perfect mix between high sensitivity and deep analysis capabilities.

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