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Nikon SMZ-745 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Nikon SMZ-745 Stereo Zoom Microscope

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Our Nikon SMZ-745 stereo zoom microscope package includes the SMZ-745 microscope body, 2, 10X eyepieces, a boom stand and bonder arm, and a double gooseneck illumination system. Featuring a zoom magnification of 7.5X and a long working distance of 115mm, the SMZ microscope package is well suited for all your vessel dissection needs. The adoption of a new total reflection prism produces brighter images with higher contrast, and the anti-mold design allows the microscope to be used in environments where the temperature and humidity are high.

Package Components:

SMZ-745 (Stereoscopic Microscope, Boom Stand with Microscope Mount, Gooseneck Illumination System)
Stereoscopic Microscope Body


Superb optical performance and the highest zoom magnification in its class
Ergonomic design.
Zomming knob is equipped with a click stop for each magnification
At 115mm, the working distance is very long. Providing enough room for fabrication and manipulation of the sample.
ESD protection and Airtight design is standard to prevent samples from being damaged by electrostatic discharge or contaminated by dust, drops of water, or other contaminants.
Option illumination accessories are available for various applications and tasks.

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