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Quad Channel Constant Current Stim Pkg

Quad Channel Constant Current Stim Pkg

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Our C-STIM-150I stimulator packages are useful for applications requiring electric field stimulation. Each package includes a constant current stimulator(s), power supply cabinet, computer interface card, CATSTIM software, and interface cables. The output of each stimulator is accessible via a BNC connector.


* Isolated output eliminates the need for an external stimulus isolation unit
* Perform completely independent stimulation protocols in each tissue bath or vessel chamber
* Constant current stimulus in a low impedance solution such as physiological saline solution
* Isolated monitor output allows the user to view the stimulus waveform using a separate oscilloscope
* Stimulator parameters are set in the user-friendly CATSTIM software
* Can be programmed to automatically deliver a sequence of stimulations using protocol files to encode the stimuli
* No confusing knobs or switches to set

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