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Temperature Controller for Dual Chamber

Temperature Controller for Dual Chamber

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Our temperature controllers feature unsurpassed thermoregulatory performance. A novel control algorithm results in quicker time to reach setpoint (6–10 min, from 22 ºC to 37 ºC). Our temperature controllers now feature analog outputs that produce signals compatible with most data acquisition systems. The TC-09D has two heating controllers that can be used to regulate the bath temperature in the two baths of our CH-2 vessel chambers independently. The thermostat control can also be disabled, allowing the TC-09D to be used as a temperature monitoring and recording device (when using the analog output). Panel controls allow for regulating the bath temperature of both chambers, chamber 1 only, chamber 2 only, or monitor only (no temperature control).

The TC-09D is designed to control the bath temperature in our CH-2 dual vessel chambers under steady-state conditions, when bath superfusion is not used. This is particularly useful when you have a stagnant bath with a HEPES or MOPS buffered saline solution. The temperature controller is not able to regulate bath temperature in the presence of bath superfusion. In that case, it is preferable to use a heat exchanger in your superfusion line to warm the bath saline just before it enters the vessel bath.

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